“Destination North Cape” Road trip

10 days self-guided tour

Minimum 2 people - Arrive: Tromsø/ Leave from: Lakselv

North Cape trip

  See the detailed hiking guide of the tour


Your itinerary starts in Tromsø, the capital of northern Norway. One of the best things about this pretty Arctic city with its gentle oceanic climate is its many museums like the Polar Museum. But there are also the botanical gardens and the cathedral which dominates the city. Or you can take the cable car to look down on the city and admire the landscape of fjords and mountains that surround it. Depending on the time of year you may also get to see the midnight sun. The journey then heads northwards to Alta in Lapland where you can discover rock carvings, the oldest of which date back nearly 7,000 years. The itinerary continues northwards to the island of Magerøy, a feature of which is the famous "Nordkapp" (North Cape). This cliff with its globe overlooking the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans symbolises the northernmost point of Europe. You then take the road to Stabbursdalen National Park. This great national park is known as the home of the most northerly pine forest in the world (some specimens are more than 500 years old). You can hike through totally unspoilt landscapes that combine woods, tundra, lakes, waterfalls and rivers. And why not try fishing for the salmon that are so numerous in these waters?


Day 1: Arrive in Tromsø and settle into a city-centre hotel.

Day 2: Unaccompanied day in Tromsø (several suggestions and information on the possible activities/visits in the Road Book).

Day 3: Pick up the hire vehicle and drive from Tromsø to Alta.

Day 4: Unaccompanied tour of Alta (rock carvings, sleigh dog breeding, walks,etc.).

Day 5: Hike in Sautso Canyon, the largest canyon in Northern Europe!

Day 6: Drive through magnificent landscapes to the island of Magerøy at the end of the earth.

Day 7: Walks or hikes on the island of Magerøy and Tour of North Cape (several suggestions and information on possible hikes in the Road Book).

Day 8: Drive to Lakselv and settle into accommodation near the Stabbursdalen National Park.

Day 9: Hike in the Stabbursdalen National Park (several suggestions and information on possible hikes in the Road Book).

Day 10: Unfortunately this is the end of the trip. Return your vehicle to Lakselv airport and head back home with your head buzzing with the images of your trip.


Quotes available on request.


     See the detailed hiking guide of the tour
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Dates and Price

From to Price from (All tax included)* Number of people



 1st of Mai  until 1st of Octobre


2 people/1225€ pers.

3 people/993€ pers.

4 people/846€ pers.

2 people minimum Register/ info. request

The price includes

  • A detailed Road Book for the entire tour (including suggested hikes and organized activities).
  • Car hire for 7 days with basic theft insurance (see description for more details) Day 3 to Day 10.
  • 9 nights' accommodation, of which 2 nights in a hotel in Tromsø city centre and 7 nights in a chalet (mountain-type refuge) in 3 different locations throughout the trip.

The price does not include

  • Any flights (The price is for travel from Tromsø and back to Lakselv)
  • Any meals
  • Visits (museums) and trips for which there is a charge
  • ** Travel insurance
  • Transfer from Tromsø airport to your hotel in Tromsø on Day 1 (taxi or bus).
  • Any ferries or toll charges throughout the trip.
  • Fuel of the hire vehicle, additional vehicle insurance, any other options concerning your hire vehicle that are not specified as being included in the price of the trip (GPS, additional driver).


* A quote will always be maid for each demand. Registration fees are included in the prices. Prices does not include flight (Paris or other European capital/Tromso - lakselv/Paris or other European capital - about € 450)  and may be subject to changes depending on exchange rate (Euro/NOK) and the accommodation availability.

**Travel insurance is required to participate to our trips. If you already have your own insurance coverage, we will ask you to provide us a copy during registration. We can also provide you with a travel insurance (Europ Assistance) if you live in France. The amount of the insurance we provide correspond to 3.65% of total tour price.

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High Points

Tour of the city of Tromsø

Several hikes and walks are offered along the route as well as a tour of the Stabbursdalen National Park

Midnight sun (depending on time of year)

Tour of North Cape

7 days' vehicle hire with pick-up and return in 2 different places (Tromsø/Lakselv), thereby avoiding a round trip

Possibility of visits to museums and archaeological sites during the trip



Alta Svetlana Funtusova
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Baard Loeken Tromsoe
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Beate Juliussen Nordkapp
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Bjarne Riesto Nordkapp
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Rennes Trym Ivar Bergsmo
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