NEW!   Snowshoeing on Seiland Island  (8 days)

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1500€  1400€* TTC

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Winter trip on Seiland, Lapland, Norway  
The island of Seiland, a natural pearl located in the extreme north of Norway, is home to a national park still unknown to the general public. Far from mass tourism and even tourism, Seiland offers a thousand possibilities for hiking and snowshoeing in imposing landscapes. In the evening, if the weather and solar activity cooperate, it's the ideal place to observe the northern lights.
Level of difficulty:
Departure/Arrival: Alta (Norway)   Go to full description


Northern winter in the Lofoten Islands
(8 days)

Price: 1290€*including tax

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Winter trip in the Lofoten Island, North Norway   The aim of this trip to the Lofoten Islands in the depths of winter is to enable you to explore this Arctic peninsula at its busiest time, during the skrei fishing, on a snowshoe-hiking tour. It is also the season with the spectacular displays of Northern Lights!
Level of difficulty:  MODERATE
Departure/Arrival: Bodø   Go to full description


NEW!  The Lapp Expedition
(8 days)

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1750€  1650€* TTC

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Winter trek on Seiland Island, Lapland, Norway  
Who hasn't already dreamed of taking part in an adventure, a real one? Walking in the footsteps of Jack London or Roald Amundsen, wrapped in the white Arctic winter! It is in this spirit that we have created for the bravest and the best trained of you, the Lapp Expedition on Seiland Island (near the small city Hammerfest): TOUGH ++
Departure/Arrival: Alta   Go to full description


Hike and Sea-kayaking in the Lofotens (8 days)

Price: 1490€*inculding tax


lofot08kay   This trip will let you discover Moskenes Island (the most spectacular of the Lofoten Islands) over sea and mountain. Sometimes in a sea kayak in the narrow fjords or along huge white sand beaches, sometimes on a hike to sharp mountain peaks. The Lofotens are a natural paradise: discover them, accompanied by an experienced guide who knows the region perfectly.
Level of difficulty: MODERATE to TOUGH
Departure/Arrival: Bodø   Go to full description


Midnight sun in the Lofoten (8 days)   

Price from: 950€*including tax


Mulstotinden   This trip is perfect for a first approach of the Lofoten Islands. You will discover the Lofoten Islands through 5 varied hikes, on two of the largest islands of the archipelago. The early summer (May and June) wil allow you to enjoy crystal light and endless days.
Level of difficulty: MODERATE
Departure/Arrival: Bodø   Go to full description 


The Lofoten Islands (13 days)

Price from: 1450€*including tax

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Lofot 13 ter   This sporty trip, where mountains and sea intertwist to form unique landscapes is ideal for those who want to immerse themselves in the Norwegian Arctic nature. This stay offers 10 varied hikes to discover the archipelago of the Lofoten Islands which lies more than 300 km inside the arctic circle...
Level of difficulty: TOUGH
Departure/Arrival: Bodø   Go to full description


The Grand Arctic Odyssey (18 days)
Next departure: On demand (private groups)

Prix: 2699€*including tax

Village de Reine au sud des Lofoten   This trip takes you to the mythical North Cape and then, through a series of original visits to fabulous landscapes, to the Lofoten Islands, Norway’s natural gem. A relaxed trip far away from the hustle and bustle of modern life…
Level of difficulty: EASY
Departure/Arrival:  Bodø/Bodø   Go to full description


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