Road trip in the land of the Midnight Sun | 8 days

Level of difficulty: EASY TO TOUGH | Price: from 628 €* including tax

lofot 08lib lofoten

Go when you want with whoever you want. Explore the Lofoten Islands from north to south with the help of a detailed road book, hire car and hiking maps, going back to the same accommodation every night where you can get expert advice from an island specialist: enjoy your freedom!

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"Destination North Cape" Road trip | 10 days

Level of difficulty: EASY TO MODERATE | Price from: € 846* including tax

renne capnord laponie

Explore the area inside the Arctic Circle as far as the mythical North Cape! This trip in Sami country lets you explore a part of Norway that is still little known: the counties of Troms and Finnmark. Your programme includes: tour of Tromsø, walks in Stabbursdalen National Park, tour of Alta and the carvings included on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites, outing to North Cape… and much more!

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